Monday, October 10, 2011

I smite thee...

Confused patients are some of the best source material for this blog.  Patients that come off the ventilator are often confused for awhile after, usually due to the medicines we give them to keep them sedated so they don't hurt themselves.  The upside is that you get priceless conversations like the one I had a few days ago with a woman we'd recently extubated...

Patient:  "Are you here to kill me?"

Me:  "No, Ma'am, I'm the doctor."

Patient:  "Damn.  I've been asking Jesus to kill me all day but I think he's busy."


1 comment:

Sierra said...

I asked Jesus the same thing a looong time ago, upon getting my first loose tooth (on a sunny d bottle). He didn't answer me either lol. Though I'm glad he didn't.

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