Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A.M.A. = you're leaving....

Medical professionals put up with an awful lot of behavior that would not normally be tolerated in polite society.  It's impossible to explain without having experienced it personally, so I'm not going to attempt to describe the frustration that is an integral part of our everyday jobs.  One of the first changes that new initiates to the medical field undergo is the loss of a desire to help everyone, soon replaced with a desire to help those who want our help.  A prime example of this is the A.M.A. form.  This stands for Against Medical Advice and is commonly used to explain the sudden departure of a patient who either demands to leave or demands certain actions (usually unreasonable ones) be taken or they are leaving, to which we will all simultaneously reply, "Well, leave then." 

Patient:  "If you don't give me my Demerol, I'm leaving this place."

Me:  "Well, you're free to leave at any time."

Patient:  "Well maybe I will then."

Me:  "I'll get the paperwork for you."

Patient:  "Wait, aren't you supposed to stop me?  I thought you guys were supposed to do whatever it took to save someone?"

Me:  "No, sir.  You're confusing us with Jesus."


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love it, yes please feel free to leave any time you want I'm sure the hospital up the road will treat you much better hehehe

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