Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'd like to buy the world a....

This one is from yesterday and I'm poking fun mainly at my colleague, who was thoroughly embarrassed by the slip of the pen(is).

Seen in chart:  "Patient really wants some cock."

I'm not sure how they spell it in Nepal, but here the correct spelling is "Coke."



Solitary Diner said...

Wow. I thought it was bad when a Neurology resident wrote "strok", but this definitely wins.

Horse on a Mattress said...

Just found your blog via the excellent Dr Grumpy. Fun. =) Sadly, over here at Horse HQ we're still waiting for something as awesome as that lovely cock/coke slipup to appear in a speech-recognized chart--but from reading your blog, one is reminded that humans continue to be even dumber than software. ...Still, our hidden ambition is to post up an illustration for a speech wreck that will get us censored somewhere. Hey, everyone's gotta have a dream.

P.S. Captcha was "EMUTTED": How a mixed-breed dog expresses himself dramatically.

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