Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gangsta Granny....

Me:  "So the GI doctor will be coming by later and explaining the procedure..."

*Tupac's "How do you want it?" starts playing, muffled*

82 year-old (white) female patient, picks up the phone from under her leg.  The music is suddenly unmuffled.  "Love the way you activate your hips and push your ass out..."  Patient looks at readout on phone and presses ignore.  Music stops. 

82 year-old patient:  "That was my grand-daughter calling.  I'll call her back later.  Now what were you saying?"



Dr Erhumu said...

Hilarious! She probably has never listened to the lyrics of her ring tone, probably put there by her grand daughter. Its more embarrassing when its the doctor's phone. kindly read "that awkward moment as a doctor" on my blog if you have the time.

thethingspatientssay said...

I certainly will. I briefly went over there yesterday on my phone but will check it out on the laptop tonight.

Anonymous said...

fair is fair !
granny should insure the grand daughter's phone chimes out a roy roger's c & w tune.........
btw..........in advance my apologies to any roy roger's fans out there.
the nice take home message of this blog of yours is the grand daughter is calling her grandmother !


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