Friday, February 3, 2012

No added sugar...

Patient:  *munch, munch* "I also have diabetes.  They can never seem to get my sugars under control." *munch, munch*

Me:  "Ma'am, you're eating McDonald's."

Patient:  *briefly stops chewing, looks down at McNuggets*  "These don't have sugar in them, they should be fine." *munch, munch*

Me:  *sigh*



Allison said...

Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

I knew a diabetic who would eat candy and other sweets and just say that he will take a shot. It was LOTS of sweets. He died in his 60's, very overweight and from complications related to his diabetes. I never understood why he insisted on eating that way.

It's bizarre to bring one's lunch to a doctor's appointment and sit there and eat during the exam.

I guess we all do bizarre things sometimes. I remember my bizarre "incident" at a doctor's appointment. I was running late but had to pick up my macaw from his appointment at the vet's office. If I went to pick him up after my appointment, they would have been closed and I would have had to pay overnight boarding fees. So I picked him up and no time to go home to drop him off. I had a large bag/purse type thing with me so I emptied most of it out and stuffed my macaw in there.

Everything was fine until my "purse" started talking. Boy was I embarrassed.

thethingspatientssay said...

Most of my stories are from the hospital. I work primarily as a hospitalist and moonlight in clinics.

Carolina said...

I'm a brazilian med-student and I work weekly at a community clinic. This week I had a diabetic old lady:

"What meds are you taking?"
"Morfine? For what?"
"Oh, do you mean Metformin?"
"Yes, Metmorfine, that's what I said!"

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