Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chapped lips?

Another foreign body story...sort of.

I was having another discussion with the ER nurses the other day when another foreign body in a rectum came in.  This time it was in the form of a shower head, this one also required a trip to outpatient surgery to remove it. This was interesting in itself, but the conversation that followed I found much more entertaining.

Nurse:  "Why would you stick a shower head up there?"

Me:  "I don't know, I've seen some very sexy shower heads."

Nurse:  "No, but seriously."

Me:  "Yeah, you'd think you'd start with something small, like a pen or maybe a chapstick."

*ER gets quiet*

Me:  "That was a very specific example, wasn't it?"

Nurse:  "Something you want to tell us, doctor?"

*I pull out a Burt's Bees from my pocket*

Me:  "Chapstick, anyone?"

Everyone declined.



Allison said...

HAHAHAHA please don't ever stop writing this blog

Anonymous said...

Pocket is a euphemism huh?

thethingspatientssay said...

Let's just call it "a place I like to keep things."

ER Jedi said...

I'm sure you'd be neither the first or last to have applied glitter lip gloss to you backside

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